You have been lied to.
By fitness guru’s. By fitness magazine’s. By supplement company’s. By doctor’s.

You Can Get Better Results with 5 Minutes of Exertion than the 5 Hours They Recommend.

And I Can Prove It!

fat me lean me

These photos were taken 8 weeks apart. I exercised less than 15 minutes a week.

  • I dropped 10% body fat in 8 weeks. (Why is that impressive? Simple – on a conventional weight loss program the MAXIMUM you can expect to lose is ½ % a week – that means in order to lose 10% fat, I’d have to train for 20 weeks at least. I did it in 8).
  • I lost over 1.5 stone in weight.  (I went from obese to lean)
  • I doubled my heart strength, and more
  • Increased my lung capacity times and
  • I got over 75% fitter.
Then I started to lose weight even faster with even LESS TIME spent training. I want to show you how I did this, step by step.
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Here are just SOME of the things you’ll learn –
  • How a 56 year old mother dropped 10% bodyfat in 2 weeks
  • How a 60 year old business man who was always was out of shape got a 6 pack
  • How a young fitness professional reversed a shattered leg injury and got in incredible shape with less than 6 minutes of exercise every 2nd day
  • How to rehab from injury
  • How to drop 2 inches of the waist in 7 days
  • How to drop 5% body fat in just 7 days
  • How a subject lost over a stone lost in 2.5 weeks
  • How they got a 25% increase in strength.
  • How they dropped their resting heart rate in by over 10bpm in 5 days
  • How to cut your cardiovascular recovery rate time cut in half! Literally one subject doubled his fitness in just 5 days!

And here’s the kicker – training time took less than 20 minutes for the full week. That’s not 20 minutes a day – that is less than 20 minutes of exertion over a whole week!

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